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Lifehacked Book

[ Behind-the-Scenes of Rego Apps ]
Lifehacked is the best-selling autobiography of Allen Wong, the app developer for Rego Apps. For pictures of the rare Azure Blue Lamborghini Aventador, go to fb.com/allenapp

Police Scanner+ Free

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Listen to over 40,000 police, fire, EMS, airport, and railroad stations. We're proud to have the largest collection of police scanners available.

Police Scanner+

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Upgrade now to remove ads, get thousands more feeds, get new stations daily, turn your phone into a police siren, download new themes, and gain access to scanner station archives.

Cloud Radio

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Listen to all the comedy, talk, sports and music radio stations in the Cloud with Cloud Radio.

Cloud Radio Pro

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Upgrade for more stations and more features. Your purchase will directly contribute to the people responsible for providing these stations for you, and our community thanks you for all of the support.