lifehacked: how one family from the slums made millions from selling apps
lifehacked: the allen wong story

Sample Pages

The following is an excerpt from lifehacked. It is the first 15 pages of the book, and thus contains no spoilers. The excerpt is about Allen's first experience with success and about his father's harrowing journey to America.

The second excerpt (called the "WhiteRabbit" excerpt) is taken from the middle of the book, which may contain some spoilers (but very little). It's about Allen's early college days when he dabbled with online game hacking and started his own business.

The table of contents is also available to get a very brief overview of what is discussed. Keep in mind that, in order to avoid spoilers, the individual stories do not have a heading title. Instead, the stories are seamlessly weaved into each chapter and lifehack.

Newly released excerpt: My Father's Fable

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