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Remote for Tesla app

Press the Remote logo on the top of the app to take you to a website with instructions on how to use the app, such as how to set up Shortcuts and Siri properly so that Siri doesn't keep timing out when your vehicle is asleep.

Police Scanner+ Support

My location is not available or no longer available
Please keep in mind that I am only the app developer. I do not add, run or maintain any of the stations. These stations are maintained by tens of thousands of other people. If your location is not available, check back another time. Half a dozen or so stations are added daily. If you would like to become a feed provider, go to our content provider here.

A specific feed's audio is wrong, broken or inaudible
Please go to the feed provider's website, search for that feed, and click on "Report a Problem" to email the broadcaster directly. I do not maintain these broadcasts myself.

Still seeing ads after paying?
First thing to try is to press the "Restore Purchases" button in the app. If the issue still isn't fixed, try restarting the device and/or the app. If you still see ads, then make sure that you have the correct app downloaded as you may have purchased a copycat app instead.

How to stop playing audio in the background
Press the power button in the middle of the clock in our app. Or close the app fully by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and then swiping up on the app's preview screen.

How to stop the siren from playing
The siren noise should have turned off when you press the left or right side of the siren screen. But if that didn't do it, then you'll have to close the app fully by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and then swiping up on the app's preview screen.

How to delete a recording or favorite
Simply swipe your finger across the station/recording that you want to delete. We recommend emailing the recordings to yourself frequently and deleting them. This way you will not lose all your recordings when you delete the app.

How to edit the title of your favorite station or rearrange them.
At the main menu, press the "Edit" button and you can move the favorites around by pressing and dragging the three gray bars that appear to the right of each favorite. If you want to edit the title of the favorite, simply tap on the favorite after press the "Edit" button on the main menu.

Using a frequency
Unfortunately, Apple has not yet enabled the ability for your device receive radio frequencies in that range. Therefore, all the stations provided in our app is being provided to you via the internet.

Buying Songs
If the (i) button is blue, you can tap on the song name to bring up the artist's page on iTunes.